Datum: 07.07.2021
Uhrzeit: 19:00 - 21:00

Online speed dating • Find your dream partner

Your ideal age: between 30 and 50

You will be 10 couples, i.e. you’ll get to know 10 people that evening. After I have welcomed the group, you will be invited in pairs to individual “meeting rooms” in turn. Here you will have 10 minutes per date to get to know each other. There will be a small break midway.

Please be sure to take notes about each conversation partner, which you will then send to me. This way I will get feedback for each participant. Subsequent to your dates, we will analyze your results during a half an hour one-on-one follow-up phone call. Consequently, you can see to what extent the difference is between, your self-assessment and how you are perceived by others. Together we will figure out what you can change, so that you can appear exactly as you would like to be seen!

Please note: Registration deadline is July 1 at 7 P.M.

After registration you will receive a direct link to our Zoom online platform. The link will tell you exactly what to do. You don’t need anything special except a good Wi-Fi network and a smartphone or laptop with camera.


A little tip to prepare your date: please think about what is important to you, what others should know about you and what you absolutely want to know from your conversation partner. 10 minutes are not long!


Online speed dating • Find your dream partner


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